Sewing Machine Coffee Table

FullSizeRender2I absolutely love this project. I’d had my eye on an old piece of cast iron as the base of a table for a while, and when I came across this old sewing machine table base, I knew it was perfect



Sewing Machine Treadle Base 01I did as much research as I could to try and date the base. Unfortunately, it’s not really possible without having the original sewing machine. The best I could do was to put it between 1906 and 1913, when the White company was making this style of bases in Cleveland, Ohio.

The lumber from the top came from a local reclaimed lumber business. These cherry boards came out of a barn that was built in Kentucky around 1925. It’s hard to believe they used cherry in a barn, but it was likely a tree that just happened to be growing right next to where they planned to build. As someone that comes from a long line of farmers, I understand using the materials that you’ve got available.FullSizeRender5FullSizeRender3

The treadle still turns the flywheel that penetrates the table top, which is about 18″ tall and three feet by two feet. It’s finished in a satin polyurethane and then polished with paste wax.



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