My Workshop

Recently, I added a few more bowls to the collection at the Art and Invention Gallery.  I haven’t been producing much work in the last few months, as I’ve been trying to finish out the upstairs of the workshop.

Last summer, with the help of a few friends, I built a new workshop in the backyard.  The upstairs was left unfinished and I’m just now trying to complete that portion of the project.  On the weekends, I’ve managed to finish the framing, insulation, run all of the electrical and plumbing, install drywall, and I’m currently painting.  I’ll install new bamboo floors this weekend.

In my mind, the new space will be part studio, part lounge, and part media room.  I’m pretty motivated to get the flooring and HVAC done – once that’s out of the downstairs workshop, I’ll have room for woodturning again.  Look for some small pieces made from leftover bamboo…

Work in Progess :

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