Great Big Platters!

I don’t do really large pieces very often, but they sure are a lot of fun. These Sugar Maple platters range from 15.5″ to 19″ in diameter! All have food-safe finishes and are perfect for use as serving trays.

Big Platters 0 (1) Big Platters 0 (3) Big Platters 0 (4) Big Platters 0 (5)


Walnut and Curly Maple Box

This box was a commission from on of the clients at my regular gig. He asked for a box that he could leave on his desk that would hold his glasses, keys, mail, etc. Aside from general dimensions (around 14×11 x 5) and no hinges, I had free reign.

The carcass is walnut to match his desk and the curly maple is veneer left over from a previous project. It’s finished with several layers of shellac that has been rubbed out to knock the gloss back just a bit. I love the look of curly maple and shellac – up close that grain looks like it’s almost 1/2” deep.


Greene and Greene Inspired Mailbox

The mailbox this replaced was a crappy, 1980’s, shiny, brass piece of junk. It was vertically oriented and had a small top opening, so it was difficult to find anything inside that wasn’t extra long.

The new one is curly big leaf maple with Gaboon ebony accents. The center panel is 12gauge copper wire. It’s finished with a coat of tung oil to pop the grain and then spray on lacquer. The cloud lifts, pegged mortise and tenon joints, and the ebony are all typical of the Greene and Greene style. The curly maple and copper are not, but I think that all of the elements come together nicely in this piece.