Great Big Platters!

I don’t do really large pieces very often, but they sure are a lot of fun. These Sugar Maple platters range from 15.5″ to 19″ in diameter! All have food-safe finishes and are perfect for use as serving trays.

Big Platters 0 (1) Big Platters 0 (3) Big Platters 0 (4) Big Platters 0 (5)


Giant Cherry Cauldron

This great, big beast finished out at 15″ diameter by 9″ tall. The cherry (Prunus serotina) blank started out at around 50 or 60 pounds and was a real bear to turn. Although it is not quite dry – it will continue to warp slightly as it looses moisture – I’ve finished it with a food safe blend of mineral oil, orange oil, and beeswax.

Interested in seeing the process on turning this vessel? Well, here it is.