Walnut and Curly Maple Box

This box was a commission from on of the clients at my regular gig. He asked for a box that he could leave on his desk that would hold his glasses, keys, mail, etc. Aside from general dimensions (around 14×11 x 5) and no hinges, I had free reign.

The carcass is walnut to match his desk and the curly maple is veneer left over from a previous project. It’s finished with several layers of shellac that has been rubbed out to knock the gloss back just a bit. I love the look of curly maple and shellac – up close that grain looks like it’s almost 1/2” deep.


Walnut and Steel Coffee Table

This table is made from 6/4 book matched slabs of walnut. The base is steel: 2” angle, 2” square tube, and 3/4” square tube. The table is approximately 54” long, 23” wide, and 18” tall. The slabs are mounted on 1/2” ply that was painted black.

I had to fill one crack and one knot with epoxy. I left it clear, and I think it’s looks kind of cool that way – you can see down through it if you get close enough (the crack is only about 1/4” at its widest).

The steel was patinaed dark and then clear coated with a semi-gloss lacquer. The wood was oiled, then I hit it with a few coats of waterborne poly. After I knocked the shine down with steel wool, I waxed it.

I plan to fill the void with a loose aggregate. Some small, polished stones.

Motorized Lift Television Cabinet in Walnut

The television cabinet is roughly 35” W x 29” H x 17” D (when closed) and is mostly air dried black walnut. There is some walnut veneered ply on the (false) back panel and shelves. I kept some of the sappier wood with some really wild grain, but relegated it to the side panels. It’s finished with a couple of coats of Danish oil, followed by several coats of a super blonde dewaxed shellac, rubbed out, and then waxed.

I used an electric linear actuator from Progressive Automations to raise the television up and down. The screen size is 32” and takes about 25 seconds to raise.

Sake Bomb

This hollow vessel is around eight inches tall and five inches at its widest diameter. The body is black walnut (Juglans nigra) and the lid is black cherry (Prunus serotina). The finish is spray can gloss lacquer buffed and waxed on a beale system.

I was originally planning another in my series of suspended hollowforms, but the shape that began to form on the lathe reminded me of a fat sake bottle, so I went with it. The lid is shaped like an old cherry bomb firecracker. This piece now resides in a private collection in Austin, TX.


Square Bowls – Black Walnut

A series of square bowls in black walnut. I had a bear of a time finding just the right sized piece of black walnut that would allow me to maximize these forms and still get the creamy sap wood in both edges. These are roughly 10″ square and 4 inches tall.